Disc Production Services


Replication FAQ

[±] What's the difference between replication and duplication?

Replicated discs (often referred to as pressed discs) are created by physically pressing your data into the surface of the disc, whereas duplicated discs (often referred to as burned discs) encode your data onto the disc by burning microscopic holes into the dye layer of a recordable CD or DVD. Replicated discs are the standard for major commercial releases; however, duplicated discs have lots of advantages, too.

[±] Should I get replication or duplication?

It depends on your application. Replication is most cost effective on orders of over 300 discs, and offers more packaging options. Duplication is most cost effective on orders of fewer than 300 discs and can be significantly faster than replication on shorter runs. To help make your choice, call your Product Specialist at (800) 468-9353.

[±] What kinds of discs can you manufacture?

CD Audio, CD-ROM (PC, Mac, or hybrid), Enhanced CD, CD-i, CD-V, Photo CD, DVD-Audio, DVD, Dual-layer DVD, CardDisc, silk screened blanks (available in CD-R, DVD-R, and DVD+R), and lots more. We manufacture every commercially released format of disc every day; if you have specific needs, just contact your Product Specialist at (800) 468-9353 to find out how we can accommodate you.

[±] What does the price include?

Many facilities will give you a "complete" price, but you may later find hidden costs. Every Disc Production Services package includes the things you need to actually manufacture and receive your CD or DVD project. This includes, but is not limited to: glass mastering, artwork proofs, printing and replication, and assembly. Polywrap is included for many packages. Shipping and sales tax are not included in our published prices. On orders without authoring, mastering, or Design Studio services, we presume that your finished art files will be supplied in our templates and to our specifications (for more info on templates and specs, check out our user-friendly guide HERE), and that your master disc performs exactly the way you want it to. Of course, if you have authoring, mastering, or design needs we have experienced industry professionals in-house who are ready and able to take your project to the next level. Just ask your Product Specialist for more information.

[±] How long will it take to manufacture my order?

This depends on the complexity of your order. Because we're the leading manufacturer in the industry our turn times are among the fastest around. And because our manufacturing takes place in-house, we offer several accelerated options for our clients who need their CDs and DVDs quickly. Speak with your Product Specialist to discuss the available turn times for your project.

[±] What is a 5% over or under run?

Depending on the number of units lost to quality control, your final total can vary slightly. Throughout the industry, it is customary for the client to be responsible for a 10% over or under run. This means that with most manufacturers, you can order 1,000 units - but the manufacturer can produce (and bill you for) an order of up to 1,100. At Disc Production Services, we cap your responsibility at 5%. And if you choose to pay in full at the start of your order, we'll include any overs we manufacture at NO COST to you. And in every case, you pay only for the units we ship – if we happen to be slightly under your ordered quantity (which is rare), we will automatically refund you for any difference when we ship your order.

[±] Do I need a bar code?

To sell your product in stores, you’ll need a bar code. To buy one yourself would cost $750 and would take several weeks. We’ll give you a genuine unique UPC bar code that can be tracked by any distributor or retailer inventory system for only $19.

[±] Will my song titles appear when I put my CD into a computer?

When album information is displayed on a computer, it’s a result of your CD being registered in an online database (also known as CDDB). We will register your CD with CDDB as part of our Ultimate Web Sales and Distribution Bundle, which is $39 extra. A similar but different technology is that of CD-TEXT, which shows album information that is actually encoded on your supplied master disc. CD-TEXT will only display on players that support it. The most common CD-TEXT capable players available today are aftermarket car stereos. If you don’t know whether or not your master has been encoded with CD-TEXT, let us know and we’ll be happy to check for you. We can accommodate your needs, simply ask your Product Specialist for more information.

[±] What is a release number?

A release number is a short alphanumeric code used by distributors and record companies to identify, track, and catalog specific recordings.

[±] How can I get a resale certificate?

If you take delivery of your order in NJ, NY, CA, IL, GA, VA, or WA, and don't have a resale certificate, you’ll need to pay sales tax. Resale certificates are issued by the state to registered businesses that resell their merchandise to distributors and retailers. A resale certificate exempts you from paying taxes on the manufactured product because those taxes will be passed on to the consumer when you collect sales tax. For more information visit http://dor.wa.gov/content/forms/. Note: Unless you run a full-time business that sells to distributors and retailers, a resale certificate is often difficult to obtain.

[±] How long will shipping take and what will it cost?

Your Disc Production Services quote will include the cost of two business day delivery on quantities of up to 3,000 pieces. For orders of over 3,000 pieces, shipment by truck often offers the best value in terms of time and cost. Disc Production Services can ship internationally and offers direct mail and drop shipment services. Just ask your Product Specialist and we'll help you find a shipping solution that suits your needs.

[±] Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. All of our work on your project is done in-house to the most exacting standards in the industry. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your graphic design proofs and audio tests, or we will refund your deposit in full.

Duplication FAQ

[±] What is the difference between a CD and a CD-R?

A CD is a replicated disc, and a CD-R is a blank disc that will be duplicated.

[±] Will my duplicated discs play in all players?

The short answer is no. They will play in most players, but not in some older players.

[±] How / where do I mail in my master?

If you selected Mail-in Master, you will get a receipt at checkout that has the address of the Disc Production Services location to mail your master to. Use a delivery method that allows for tracking, such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Be sure to include a copy of the email with your master so we have your project ID number.

[±] How should I prepare my design for printing?

Download our templates, and create your artwork in a professional graphics program, using high quality 300 ppi images. Be sure to use CMYK. We will convert any RGB images to CMYK for printing, which will result in color shifts. It is better that you see this change on your own computer.

[±] What design programs can I use to design my art using the Disc Production Services Short Run Templates?

We offer templates in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Quark XPress and CorelDRAW. We also provide a PDF template that you can import into any other graphic program of your choosing. When you download the template package you will get all of these formats.

[±] What if I can’t supply my own design?

If you are familiar with design programs and principles, you can use our on-line designer. We also have a wonderful Design Studio that can create a custom design for you. Contact us for more details about this option.

[±] How are my inserts and discs printed?

For short-run projects, we use a state-of-the-art digital press for inserts. Jackets, wallets, and Digipaks are printed using traditional offset printing. We use a few different methods for color printing on disc.

[±] How can I add a UPC bar code to my artwork?

First, select UPC bar code in the project quoter. When doing your design, plan ahead for where your bar code will go. Size of bar code is (Note: we can only print horizontal bar codes at this time.) After you upload your artwork, you will be prompted to place your UPC bar code. At that point, you can drag the black box place holder to where you want your bar code to be printed. If you are using the on-line designer, there is a tab in the lower section that has a "Add UPC Bar Code" button. Once you click it, you wil get the black box to drag to the spot you want it.

[±] I have my own UPC number. Can you make the bar code itself?

No, you must create your bar code and embed it in your design files.

[±] Why can’t you use the same design files for short-run that I made for replication?

Our printing processes are different for replication and short-run. We know it's a hassle to have two different templates, and are working to create Universal templates in the near future.

[±] Will you ship internationally?

Yes. Check the drop-down “Ship-to Country” in the right column of the quoter. If your country is listed, you can place your order on the site.

[±] Why is there such a wide date range for shipping via DHL?

DHL always gives a 2-6 day window on shipping, but in our experience most deliveries are within 2-3 days.

[±] What file format should I use when I upload my songs?

Audio files are only accepted as .WAV, FLAC or MP3 files. No other formats are accepted. All audio files should be encoded in the following format with a Sample rate of 44.1 kHz and in 2-channel (Stereo). The bit rate depends on the file type and should be as follows: WAV and FLAC : 16-bit ; MP3 files: Bit rate between 128 kb/s and 320 kb/s.

[±] How can I get CD text on my duplicated CDs?

You will need to create the CD master with CD text and mail in your CD Master.

[±] Where are my CDs and DVDs made?

All of our products are manufactured in our Pennsauken, New Jersey headquarters.

[±] I still need help.

If we haven’t answered your question, please email us at info@discproductionservices.com.